The Mountain Media Journal

by Zach Varón, Founder

Colfax, Aurora, CO
Definitely Urban

Beaver Creek, Colorado

The Urban Mountain Media Journal is the story behind our fine art at our home gallery in Vail, Colorado. The world is a crazy, dynamic, turbulent place. From our urban roots in Denver to our home base in Vail and Beaver Creek we have turned our experiences and interactions into art. Through these journeys in the natural and man made world perhaps we can find common ground…

“Urban” Defined (Then Redefined)

What's Up Sucka
Could this be urban?

The term “urban” gets tossed around a lot. But what does it REALLY mean? Let’s consult our good friend Webster.

Urban: of, relating to, characteristic of, or constituting a city.

Latin urbanus, from urbs city
First Known Use: circa 1634

There must be an alternate definition right?

A Brief Salute to Teachers


Teachers Rock
Thanks, teach.

There are a lot of unsung heroes that make our world spin.

None more so than teachers.

Educators where I grew up had an especially onerous task on their hands…CONTINUE READING

Nighttime Blizzard Cliffside Driving, AKA My Story: The Ultra Condensed Version


Blizzard Driving
Life in a Nutshell

Visibility is about 14.43 inches.

The storm has been going for at least two days and Red Mountain pass is closed indefinitely…CONTINUE READING


Artsy Line
Several Mediums, One Shot


Summits, Goals, Mountains, and You (and Me)


I had an epiphany whilst climbing Savage Peak…


Seven Backcountry Sins

Seven Backcountry Sins
Not Affiliated with Brad Pitt

Mountaineering safety is a constantly evolving science. Backcountry awareness aims to keep up with backcountry boldness. Skiing and snowboarding have lost many greats in the last few years. Hours and hours of training focus on what to do in the backcountry. We feel there are some very common behaviors among big mountain enthusiasts that can counteract all of these safety measures. Here is our unofficial list, in order, of Seven Backcountry Sins. Please have a glance at our list and let us know what you think!

7. Forgetting to Have Fun
Your group of three is looking at an easy five mile skin to the line… CONTINUE READING