Frequently Asked Questions

Treeline Moments take place at the right place, in the right time

Treeline Moments take place at the right place, in the right time

Hopefully you browsed our website, but you still might have questions. Feel free to contact us with anything that comes to mind! Here are some queries that we get constantly…

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What is Urban Mountain Art?

Please see website.

Why don’t you have a phone number listed?

Really, I just do not want to carry two cell phones. If you send me a serious inquiry, I will reply and we can begin the discussion of what kind of urban mountain landscape will resonate with your soul. Wouldn’t you rather know your artist personally?

Why can’t I order online?

Treeline, Ltd. makes custom art. Unlike our competitors, who have extensive overhead to support, we want to limit distribution of our unique, high quality, prints.

Seriously, why do you have to have a social message? Can’t you just sell pretty mountain pictures and stop reminding people about society’s problems?

Why? Because art drives change. Can I? Probably. Will I? No.

Why did you start a photography business?

I could not find the shots I wanted for my own home, and realized urban mountain art was a way to bridge cultures, and the gap between fine art and urban art. Additionally, many galleries sacrifice some soul due to their focus on sales. There is a huge emphasis on Photoshop amongst most landscape photographers and I would rather get better shots from new perspectives, without heavy editing. (Shots fired.)

Can you deliver it framed?

Since everyone prefers a different frame style, our art is sold unframed on metal, canvas, or acrylic. Please specify if you require framing or mounting resources and we will ensure the print is set up for your desired option.