My Story: Nighttime Blizzard Cliffside Driving

Friday, November 4th, 2016

Blizzard Driving
Life in a Nutshell

Visibility is about 14.43 inches. I’m chasing a plow track from God knows when at a steady 22mph and If I stop, my car and I will get buried. Way too far to turn back now. Currently located in the geographic center of nowhere; I am eagerly looking for the last town (gas station) before starting the most treacherous part of this leg of the journey. My final destination is Telluride.

The storm has been going for at least two days and Red Mountain pass is closed indefinitely. I left Denver in the morning two days ago, stopped in Telluride for an emotional memorial service, and then headed to Silverton over the Million Dollar Highway as the blizzard moved in at sunset. Yesterday was all-time guided big mountain riding with a night to match. This morning it was clear going back the same way from Silverton to Telluride was not an option. A two ish hour drive (in decent conditions) has become three and a half plus.

There is the gas station in Rico! Oh great it’s closed. Must keep going. Now it’s 8:30 pm… I wonder how long the 27 mile drive to Telluride will take in my trusty front wheel drive ES 330. I can’t help but wonder if stopping to ride Purgatory today was a good idea. Take a deep breath… think back two nights to being one of the last cars to make it across Red Mountain Pass. Better say a little prayer; realistically nobody knows where I am. Wow. I just realized that this is a metaphor for my life:

Nighttime Blizzard Cliffside Driving.