Summits, Goals, Mountains, and You (and me).

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

I had an epiphany whilst climbing Savage Peak…

Reach the (your) peak!

Summits are the perfect metaphor for big goals in life. You leave the safety of your home to a place you think and hope is out there. You follow the paths and trails of others who came before but eventually you have to make your own way. When the goal comes into sight it becomes real. This is when you can put aside the distractions, material or interpersonal, normally swirling through our heads and embrace true mindfulness: being in the moment. In these moments close to your goal are true vulnerability in a constantly changing environment that can sense your struggle, your motives, your proximity. Pushing through is not always the right decision as bad timing can be deadly. When the time is right to accomplish what you set out to do safely the feeling is better than you imagined it. However it is short lived as the next, bigger, goals begin to take shape.